Current Projects

We are currently working on two short form projects.



A short film about a young girl and her guinea pig Sherbert.

Milly loves two things more than anything… her guinea pig Sherbert and redecorating her dolls house – and the best is when she combines the two. But Milly’s mother wants her to have a ‘real’ friend to play with and invites Milly’s older cousin Kylie for a sleep over which goes terribly. Kylie hates guinea pigs and thinks Milly will be a loner forever. Milly wonders if Kylie is right.

We received Generator Emerging Filmmaker’s Fund through Screen NSW and are using this short film as a pilot for a series. EP’d by Aquarius Films.


PUSH (Working Title)

Push image_darrenhanlon

Set in a small Australian country town, Push is the story of JACK, a 15 year old boy growing up in the mid 1980’s. A near mis-adventure with some tougher boys brings JACK into the orbit of FUZZ: older, bolder, self assured, the girl everyone wanted to be near. Peroxided, buzz cut, rude girl styled and natured, you could tell FUZZ was going somewhere. Somewhere bigger, louder, faster …

Push captures that time in life when we make a decision about who we want to become. It’s a film about those people who come into our lives, even for just a little while, but who re-set our compass, sometimes so slightly, but enough to alter our course forever.

Based on the real life story of musician Darren Hanlon, Push is a film about growing up. It’s about how we get there, and the people who give us a shove in an unexpected direction.